Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bryn Mawr Modern

I recently received these photos from Fuse 57 Architecture of a new construction project that we were a part of in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood.  I was very impressed with the overall design of the house and loved the use of clear cedar throughout the project.  It was a multi-step install coordinating the cabinets, countertop and cedar shelves with the cedar wall that was installed by the builder, Michlitsch Builders, who built the whole house and did a fantastic job as always.

I am hoping that Fuse 57 will post more photos of the entire project on their website because this is a great project that was thorough in the design and execution of details.

Happy New Year

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Darren said...

Love your work and the concept of your company. I would someday like to follow in your footsteps and leave my software architect job and build and design furniture. It's just a hobby now where time is scarce with small children in my home but I have many ideas that I hope to be able to create for someone in the future.

I'd love the opportunity to visit your shop and talk about how you got started, how you obtained your skills, how you price your work, ...

I haven't been able to find many people in MN that are in to making modern furniture so it would be great to bounce some ideas off you.

Keep up the great work and please let me know if you'd be willing to meet sometime.

Darren Dobier