Saturday, January 31, 2009

DIY Done Right

This client was essentially a do it yourselfer. We built the dark stained cabinets and installed them. The other painted cabinets are original to the house and refurbished by the home owner. The addition of the tile and thick Corian counter tops makes for a fantastic kitchen. The attention to detail, both in the design and execution of the design, makes this a really good project.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

To The Dogs

Some people are dog people.  I am one of them.  Just to clarify, I've never been involved in a dog show and I don't dress my dogs up.  Unless it is funny and only lasts 15 seconds.  
As a kid I always wanted to have great dogs and a job that I loved.  I am lucky enough to have both, and have combined the two.  I have worked for Eastvold Custom for three and a half years.  I get to be surrounded by great people and great design.  On top of that, I get to build the ideas that float around in my head.  Hence the Eastvold Modern Dog Dish line, the Willie and the Jesse.  Dog feeding stations with built in food storage.  Named after my dogs, Willie Nelson and Uncle Jesse (not John Stamos).  The funny thing about that is that I'm not really into country music.  And why shouldn't a dog get to eat out of a sleek food bowl.  It probably makes them feel cool.  
Eastvold Custom has been a part of several projects where the clients have a had a whole dog room built.  There are built in washing stations, cabinetry and room for dogs to sleep.  I used to think that this was excessive, a waste of space and an unnecessary.  But I can tell you this, when you are washing your dog in the bath tub or you wake up at 2 a.m. and the silence is broken by your dog licking God knows what, a dog room sounds pretty good.  I plan to have one as soon as possible.  
I believe that both dogs and good design have souls, and are mans best friend.