Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It is fun to finally be doing a blog for various reasons. I have always wanted to give people a glimpse into our day to day life because of the many exciting things that happen here. The process of doing cabinets and furniture is often times very eventful and exciting to see. We get the opportunity to work with a lot of good people who have very good ideas, these people are customers, employees and designers. With most of our projects being custom and unique, it always seems like the learning curve doesn't flatten out. This part of the process has been made exciting for me because of the great crew we have doing the projects. Eastvold Custom has been graced with some talented and fun people who have made it possible to be at this stage in the game.

I am also hooked on reading design blogs which I will link over time. There are so many ideas that continue to blow my mind. Eastvold Custom is a young company and I feel that we have already gotten to be a part of some amazing projects with great designers that will stand the test of time.

It will be fun to talk about these projects and process them as they go through our shop and into living spaces, along with our many random thoughts on design and the world that we call construction.

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